Ruay – Name Meaning

Name Meaning

A ruay is an extremely sensitive and intuitive person, who responds quickly to the feelings of others. They are incredibly romantic and always try to take care of their loved ones. Ruays are also great mediators and have a tendency to avoid any kind of dispute whenever possible.

They are a very intelligent person who knows how to solve their own problems. They are also very tolerant and do not get easily upset by setbacks. Their strong character and intellect help them achieve their goals and never give up.

People who are named Ruay can be very materially well off, and love special foods, drinks and clothing. They may be guilty of spending too much money, but they usually try to find ways to balance their life styles and social influence. They are also very charitable and tend to become community leaders. They are always looking for new opportunities in their lives and do not mind working hard to achieve those goals. เวปรวย for life, and its pleasures make them a wonderful person to be around.